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tutorial for getting backup in cpanel

How to Create cPanale Backup – Graphical Tutorial

4 Simple Steps to get cPanel backup:

Well, we are pretty sure that you are not one of them who are irritate to get backup of your website. Getting Website backup not very difficult as you think if you are using cPanel to manage your website’s pages. Backup wizard option in cPanel make it simple to do the backup.

Linux based cPanel user can get advantages of intuitively simple tool for backups. Just sweep some clicks and and you all done with easy to understand graphical interface. Now you’ll have no excuse not to protect your precious web code, database, and visitor email information

In this cPanel back up tutorial we will show you how to do a Full cPanel Backup of your account. Well it’s mandatory to do backup before making a change in website. If you are using cPanel then there is an handy utility tool to do this job it’s just convert all of your pages in to Zip folder in to your home directory.

Stage #1: Start Backup tool:

First of all locate the backup icons in cPanel, a web hosting control panel for Linux based web hosting. Two icons you can see in files section. Between the Backup and Backup Wizard icon click backup Wizard icon.
how to get cpanel backup tutorial

After hitting Wizard iconfollowing screen will display, now select the backup.


Stage #2 – Select Backup type, full or Partial:

CPanel is one of the best graphical user interface to manage web hosting. Its simple to handle every task with graphical video tutorial about that particular task.
Now it’s time to select the type of backup Full backup or Partial backup. Full backup include all of your web files backup. In Partial backup you can select any components or select certain parts to back up.


You can get full backup of your data but of you want to get certain part of data then you can select it from drop down menu displayed in image.

how to get cpanel backup

Stage #3: Select the destination of your Backup:

You may get backup of your filed in to your home directory or into another place. However, its more secure to get it into your home directory.


If you want to get your backup to your specified place then you need to fill out following details to do this with your email address:



Stage #4: Backup Restore:

Now it’s tern to restore your backup, if you want to restore your date then follow these steps as mentioned in these graphical images.

Select the restore option unless backup option in step one:



Now choose what you want to restore and browse the backup files where you have stored the backup.


We, hope that these graphical images will help you to do the backup of your website, don’t forget to share this article with others. Keep visiting ans stay up to date about latest trends in

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